Continental has a tyre to suit everyone. If you want a tyre that offers outstanding milage, excellent safety and performance levels check out our range below to find the right tyre for you.

CONTINENTAL ComfortContact 5

ContiComfortContact® 5 is designed for optimal comfort and safety and an exceptionally quiet ride.

• Revolutionary Noise Breaker Technology for an extremely quiet and comfortable ride
•Optimised silica tread compound for reduced stopping distances
•Optimised tread pattern for higher safety reserves in wet and dry conditions


ContiMaxContact® 5 sets the new standard for a quiet and comfortable ride, enhanced grip and superb handling in wet and dry conditions.

• Superb steering response for further improved safety margins
• Revolutionary Noise Breaker Technology delivers an extremely quiet ride
• Activated silica compound and performance pattern design results in improved road adhesion and reduced stopping distances

CONTINENTAL SportContact 6

Safety on any road. Control at any speed.  The sportiest SportContact ever, with maximum handling and maximum grip!

• Ultimate steering precision
• Exceptionally short braking distances
• Designed for optimal vehicle control for speeds up to 350 km/h.
• Black Chilli Technology for optimum interlocking between the tyre and road, for better acceleration and shorter braking distances

CONTINENTAL SportContact 5

Extremely fast. Even when braking. Super-sports tyre with superior handling for maximum fun.

• Maximised contact area for high levels of grip and increased safety
• Activated silica technology delivers reduced stopping distances
• Black Chilli silica compound and an innovative tread pattern for optimum levels of grip and handling in wet and dry conditions.


Fitted to a large number of the world’s leading high performance SUV brands, providing exceptional cornering and exhilarating drivability.

• Designed to deliver optimum levels of grip and handling in wet and dry conditions
• Exceptional cornering and handling capabilities
• Bionic Contour design for improved wet braking distances
• Quiet ride

CONTINENTAL CrossContact LX Sport

Designed for optimum handling and braking performance both on the road as well as light off-road conditions.  

• Outstanding traction on-road and in light off-road conditions
• Excellent wet braking performance
• Excellent handling and stability
• Optimised pattern design for a smooth and quiet ride